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Week 9 into GSoC

The second evaluation for GSoC is cleared. I am happy. Also, the PR #289 for Full Rank ADVI is merged in. This week's time is spent adding small but useful features to PyMC4. The PR #310 includes addition of progress bar. I spent most of the time digging deep into TFP codebase learning how vi module is integrated. Some more features to be included are -

  • Parameter Convergence checks
  • Low Rank Approximation
  • Add a notebook playing around with mcmc and VI approximations over hierarchial models.

I plan to complete all these features before 15 August so that I can spend time writing documentation for PyMC4. I am loving my time with PyMC community.

Thank you for reading!

With ❤, Sayam

Last update: August 10, 2020